Why Trust Matters!Module 5

Intentionomics Trust Model - Classic

Welcome to MODULE FIVE in this complimentary short course!

I do hope you enjoyed the fourth video module and have gained a better appreciation and understanding of how to practically apply the second pillar of trust (Intentional Actions) into your life. Promising what we can deliver and intentionally delivering on our promises, requires of us to take intentional action.

How intentionally aligned are your hourly, daily and weekly actions (the things you’re doing), with what you want for the people you impact in your various life roles?

Aristotle wrote “We are the sum of our actions, therefore our habits make all the difference.” And if you want to make a positive difference to yourself and to the people you impact through your various life roles, taking time to reflect on the intentions behind the actions you are currently taking is a well worthwhile exercise.

If you’re not taking intentional actions, you may be developing unintentional habits… and this can put trust at risk. And when trust is at risk… everything is at risk!

By now you will have worked on:

    • Listing the actions you intend to take that will live up to the intentional promises you’ve made for the people you impact in your life roles.
    • Inspected your ‘habits of success’ by reflecting on your hourly, daily and weekly activities, and the extent to which they are leading you toward achieving your intentional goals for yourself and for those who you impact in your various life roles.

Once you’re clear on your intentional actions, you’re ready to start measuring and holding yourself accountable for the results you’re achieving… and it’s your results that are the Third Pillar of Trust.

That’s what this final module in the Why Trust Matters! program will focus on… and I will also ‘wrap up’ this guided study program with the final element of the model, which of course is Trust, balancing on top of the 3 Pillars of Trust.

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As I will highlight in the video as well, I recommend you visit the Intentionomics Resource Centre once you’ve completed the program to consider the other resources that are all designed to help you build more trust into your life, and to help you live a more happy, flourishing, prosperous and meaningful personal and work life.

Here’s the video for this final module…

… and don’t forget, if you’ve got a conference or professional development program coming up, Intentional Trust Matters in the workplace, and I’d certainly enjoy the opportunity to present at your program… so any referrals or introductions would be most welcomed…

Enjoy this final video… it’s been my pleasure and privilege to have been your coach through the process.