Why Trust Matters! Module 3

Intentionomics Trust Model - Classic

Welcome to MODULE THREE in this complimentary short course!

I do hope you enjoyed the second video module and have gained a better appreciation and understanding of how to practically apply the foundation of the Intentionomics Trust Model (Intention) into your life.

By now you will have worked on:

  • Listing your various personal and/or work life roles
  • Identifying and listing the people you impact either directly or indirectly through each of your life roles
  • Written ‘Intention Statements’ for each of these people (or groups of people).

Once you’re clear on your intention for the people you impact in your life roles (don’t forget that one of your life roles is to look after yourself… so ask yourself what do you want FOR you, not just what you want from you!), you’re then ready to explore and clarify the intentional promises you want to and may need to make to the people you impact through your life roles.

That’s what this module will focus on.

Don’t forget to send me your thoughts and experiences with the program – click here to send your comments, feedback or question and I look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s the video for this module… enjoy.